May 21st, 2016
10:00 AM

The Bradley Education Center
877 Udell Street
Indianapolis, IN  46208

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idouglashicksfrontJoin us for a special Grindery event, “To Be or Not to Be – A Non-Profit Business”, hosted by Willis K. Bright, Jr, of Bright Visions, Inc. Mr. Bright is formerly the director of Youth Programs for the Lilly Endowment, one of the leading not-for-profit institutions in Indiana.

Mr. Bright’s workshop will help anyone looking to start a business make good choices regarding setting up that business as a for-profit or not-for-profit entity.  One of the keys to the decision lies in discerning between setting up a not-for-profit businesses so you can apply your talents for good, vs. working for established not-for-profits where you can go to work immediately with the least amount of up-front effort and extra weight to carry.

To join us, go to our Contact page to let us know you’re coming.